Trans* Capstone Supplements

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Trans* Terms:

Note: Many terms are defined differently for each individual. This list is in no way exhaustive nor comprehensive.

Transgender: A person who is changing their birth gender into another.

Transsexual: A person who is using medical and/or surgical means to change their birth sex.

Cisgender: A person who’s birth gender matches their sex and gender identity. This is the majority of the world population. Usually shortened to cis.

Sex: Biological traits that identify someone as male or female. Determined by X and Y chromosomes, gestational development and puberty. Legal sex is denoted by government documents (birth certificate, IDs, etc).

Gender: Actions and perceptions that identify someone as a man, woman or other. Determined by society and how people treat the person. Gender identity is how the person sees themselves.

Sex reassignment surgery: Generally refers to altering genitals to match a person’s new sex. Additional cosmetic surgeries (breast addition/removal, facial reconstruction) can fall within this category.

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