For my journalism senior project class, my capstone project will be on trans* individuals at my college, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the issues that they face due to transphobia, cissexism and ignorance.

All posts for the project will be below. They will be filed in the “capstone” category of posts. Meta posts about the process will be under the “meta” tag. This page is to keep all posts and media in one place for easy retrieval.

Finished Piece

Unisex bathroom map

Meta posts:

March 16

March 19

Links and research:

OUTspoken, group that represents LGBT community at MSOs

Tangent campus life club page

The Center for Women and Gender

Spectrum, group for NTID GLBTQQA individuals  Shares a name for a autism spectrum disorder support program.

Northeast LGBT Conference, held at RIT on APril 12-14

ritGA, group for GLBT people and straight allies

Infinite Circles, the problematic Reporter piece