Fictive Work

I’m currently working on multiple projects, with the goal of having something published this year (2016).

I am currently looking for a beta reader as well! You can learn more about what they do [here]. Contact me if you’re interested.

Fate’s Path

A powerful phoenix dies again, her lingering magic tainting the land. After the year-long winter, humanity is hurt and scattered, with some discovering they now wield what was long-thought out of their reach: magic. Empowered with their new skills and enflamed from the lack of aid by the ruling phoenixes, humanity is ready to enter the political stage and find their voice.

Farwalker Papers

Pia is searching for her name and her colors so she can leave her own contribution to Highelven society and its deep knowledge of science of all things. After an unexpected change, her Maestrix sends her to explore the surrounding lands, to discover the true nature of the magic that flows through all.

Short Works

Various short stories, including literary stories, fantasy, sci-fi.


Prompt writing tumblr: Short prompts to write scenes and play around with character development.

World Building tumblr: Questions to characters and non-prose world building.

Inspo/ref tumblr: Reblogs of writing references and inspiring pictures. Lots of pictures of birds and fantastical-looking natural settings. Some amount of own research on certain topics.


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