Nonfictive Work

Nonfictive work includes reporting, blogging and reviewing.

Selected works are linked below.

Logitech G:

Corporate blogging: Write and edit internal and external-facing content to announce new products and cover brand news. Example.

Interviews: Interview pro players during the ESL: ESEA Pro League. Source questions form users and share stories on Storify.

Reporting Writer of 300-character news updates. Style focuses heavily on mobile readability and ease of information consumption.

All pieces below have been edited by various editors. Copyright Reporter Magazine.

Thought @ Work Returns After Eight-Year Absence: 2 Nov 2012. Pre-event coverage of professional event. Worked with photographer on piece to set up time to interview subjects.

Games for Health: 26 Oct 2012. Coverage of R&D of new video game. Conducted phone interview with Stephen Jacobs for much of the information.

Glitter, Pop, and Duct-Tape: 19 Oct 2012. Pre, during and post coverage of fall drag show. Special effort to fairly represent LGBTQQIA individuals.

Research Takes Flight on a Column of Light: 14 Jan 2011. Science piece on optical wing discovery and research. Took quantum and classical momentum of light and distilled it for a varied collegiate audience.

All pieces below are copyright WMUR.

New Hampshire Residents Have Mixed Feelings on Wind Farms: 2 Jul 2013. Televised news piece that was rewritten to be best read online and on mobile.

Photos: Meet River Otters From Squam Lakes Natural Science Center: 16 Jul 2013. Web and mobile slideshow to teach readers about otters and to get as many clicks as possible online. Created slideshow from furnished photos.

All pieces below are copyright to Christina Belisle and are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (see copyright info).

Bed Bugs at RIT: 10 Feb 2012. Feature piece on bed bugs at college’s housing options. Extensive interviewing was required to gather information, as well as handling of sources who refused to speak.

LGBT Profile: 27 Feb 2012. Profile of an LGBT individual.

Trans* Students at RIT: 3 May 2013. In-depth look at trans* students experiences and issues faced on a college campus. Extensive interviewing and research on a sensitive subject matter.

Blogging and Reviewing

My Little Pony G4 Merchandise:March 2011-Present. Tumblr blog hosted on 8,000 views/month. Administration, reporting, content creation and upkeep of site. Answering asks of followers. Posts include breaking newsanalysis and reviews.

Derpy News: September 2012-Present. WordPress blog hosted on Frantech. 90,000 views/month. My Little Pony merchandise writer and animation site editor. Analyzes My Little Pony news, write Littlest Pet Shop reviews and news and collaborates with writers and editors to improve site, collaborate on administrative decisions and improve writer skills.

Property of Jack: Dec 2012-Mar 2013. WordPress blog hosted on 1,000 views/month. Handled website design, development and WordPress administration. Aided advertising team on choosing web advertisements, editorial team with creating web content and editor in chief with management of site.  Before and after shots of the site.

Picklebarrel Kumquat: Jan 2014-Present. Blogger blog hosted on Blogger. Writer and editor of satirical (Onion style) My Little Pony news. Choose current news for potential topics and assist writers in keeping post content appropriate.