Social Media


Twitter: @TechPhek

LinkedIn: /TechPhek

Logitech G:

Work with eSports manager to sync posts with global eSports teams. Execute social activations at events. Work with social agency in content and campaign creation. Work with Logitech G team members to bring them on to Reddit and Twitter and teach them how to further increase our social reach and engagement. Create regular social reports.

Facebook: Run USA/default page for Logitech G. Plan and implement global social campaigns with regional marketing offices.

Twitter: Run global page for @Logitech G. Drive engagement with partners and eSports teams.

YouTube: Create and manage Logitech G page. Upload and manage videos. Collaborate with video team in creation of new videos.

Twitch: Create and manage Logitech G channel. Manage team members and create schedule of content. Work with regional partners to create streams for events.

Gaming Tribe: Manage Logitech G page. Work with site staff to grow site and take advantage of network’s unique features.

Reddit: Create and manage /r/LogitechG subreddit. Interact with community as /u/LogitechG_Christina and assist team members in running AMAs. Aid customer care in handling support cases on Reddit.

Google+: Create and manage Logitech G page.